the washington university amateurs - coed a cappella since 1991

Recent News Callbacks Fall 2016 Sopranos Sarah James Giulia Neaher Lindsay Wang Kate Wardenburg Mezzos Liz Halter Mikki Janower Samara Lillioja Michelle Tang Altos Delaney Battle Elizabeth Grossman Lindsay Hauptman Sydney Krelitz Tess Lieberman Tenors Roman Accardi Ian Marigi Arjun Puri David Yang Baritones Evan Hughes Collin Kilgore Cole Reyes Collin Wettach Bari-Basses Donovan Duggins Adam Hemauer Ben Milan-Polisar Read More The Amateurs On Instagram 3/3/2016 12:28Am: Our New Studio Album Has Landed (From Mars, Obviously)! Get Your Copy At Goin' Pro This Friday Or Saturday~ #Sirensinthedistancecry #Sirens Also, This Is The Last Day We Will Be Tabling In Bears Den, So Be Sure To Get Your Tickets Tonight In Bd Or Tomorrow At The Duc! Follow Us The Amateurs On Twitter Mar 3 @ 3:57Am @ Washuamateurs: Wow Congratulations To Us On A Killer Pair Of Shows! Thanks To Everyone Who Supported Us, We Love You Mar 3 @ 6:12Pm @ Washuamateurs: @Chlo_Bugly And Jess Have Got Their Excitement Showing!

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Callbacks Fall 2016

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